TENEMUS was established in 2001 aiming on its principal competencies Freight transport , storage and related logistics service . Over the years , we have established a good relationship with many clients whom have entrusted their daily delivery operations on us . It includes the improvements for a world — class fleet of trucks as well as warehousing facilities for the high expectations and demand of our clients . That enhances our growth along the way and a opportunity to increase our service delivery capabilities . We handles ancillary services like ; insurance , customs documentation and clearance , which are part of the international shipping business . As a solutions partner , Tenemus. provides warehousing , risk assessment , methods of international payment , management , and NVOCC ( Non — Vessel Operating Common Carrier ) documentation , or bills of lading for your logistics demands . Tenemus . ensures the safety of his customers , employees and communities . We are familiar with the significant of continuous training and proud of our experienced staff , safety knowledge and ability to exceed industry standards . We have continually maintain an excellent rating on our storage services safety and low accident frequencies . Our solid safety performance history is a well — established fact and we will continue to be a leader in this area and its compliance because of our professional and dedicated personnel of storage maintenance 


Shared-user sites

Tenemus has both the experience and capacity to design shared logistics solutions for manufacturers and retailers in the fast — moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. We can combine deliveries to the same retailer by preparing your products with those of other manufacturers within a shared ambient or temperature controlled warehouse. Our technology makes it possible to manage restocking requirements, picking, order preparation and transport scheduling with extreme accuracy by interfacing with your IT systems and those of your stakeholders. These are just some of the advantages driving the trend toward shared logistics. You will also benefit from guaranteed on — shelf product availability and a reduced carbon footprint 

temperature controlled storage

As one of a leading European logistics expert, Tenemus can process, store and deliver your products to maximize their availability, reduce cost and maintain exceptional quality under strict controls. Our solutions meet all relevant hygiene standards and integrate value — added services such as blast freezing, packing and repacking. In our environmentally friendly, temperature — controlled warehouses, our cutting — edge automated processes can accelerate flows, reduce handling, and deliver important consistency in order preparation. You’ll have full traceability of flows for safety management , performance management of guaranteed — date contracts , blocking and unblocking , lot code and date — code tracking , recalls and more

on-site logistics & support

Tenemus is an expert resource for onsite logistics services to the industrial and manufacturing sectors . As a single — source provider , we manage procurement , warehousing , handling , distribution and logistics labor with a goal of continuous improvement in productivity , health and safety . Outsourcing to tenemus shifts your costs from fixed to variable while enforcing cost — saving standardization . Your factory will benefit from reliable inbound and outbound flows of raw materials , parts and finished products , with carefully controlled distribution that can include managed transport .